How to manage your charity

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  1. Niyah Check:
  2. Make sure that you are only doing it for Allah, not to please anyone else or get praised! Remember “The deeds are considered by the intentions, and a person will get the reward according to his intention”  [Bhukari and Muslim]

  3. Plan plan and plan:
  4. You need to plan how much you are going to spend in charity. How frequent would your contributions be? For example you may decide that you will spend 5% of your income every month. Remember the Prophet(صلي الله عليه وسلم) was asked: “Which deed is most beloved to Allaah?” He said, “The one that is continuous, even if it is little.” [Bukhari]

  5. Where will you spend:
  6. Write down the categories of organizations that you want to donate to. For example: masajid, educational institutes, orphans, poor and needy etc.

  7. Plan out the proportion:
  8. How much are you going to donate for each category. For example, you might decide that I will donate 20% to masajids, 50% to support poor and needy and the rest 30% to support educational institutes.

  9. Research:
  10. Its time to research the organizations. To make it easy, I have compiled a list in this blog.

  11. Automatic Payments:
  12. Look into setting up automatic monthly payments. This way you will not have to worry about donations every now and then. A great way to give Shaytan a black eye!


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