Supporting needy and other charitable work

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  • Foodbank, disaster relief, orphan sponsorship, educational programs
  • Disaster relief especially for Palestinians, zabeeha project. You can donate using CanadaHelps so you get the tax receipt right away
  • Disaster relief, global food crisis, children in need… Their main organization is in USA. Since their Canadian one is relatively new, you wouldn’t see many projects listed. However you can go to their US page and if you like a particular project, you can fill out the donations form on the Canadian website and in the comments section, mention the project name. They have also received 4-star rating by Charity Navigator.
  • Food bank, women shelter, water exploration
  • They deliver halal chickens to local food banks with the message “Gift From Canadian Muslims.” A good daawa initiative. Watch out for their campaigns especially in Ramadhan and Eids
  • Global projects in education, healthcare, livelihood, water and sanitation
  • Provides orphans and abandoned children a home, good nurturing and a fair chance in life.  Unfortunately there is no online donation
  • This is American organization but mashallah they have really good projects in the areas of social welfare, healthcare and education
  • Global deaf muslim
  • Al Amaanah is refugee service organization based in Houston, USA. They provide English classes, homework help for children, and physical and emotional support for many widows, injured,  and disabled refugees.
  • The Al Ma’oon fund was established by Allaah’s permission to assist those in need by helping in some small way, by giving a portion of funds for rental help, utility turn-offs, supplying emergency food,clothing, gift khimars, baby needs, household goods….Any small unexpected expenses, or necessary needs….
  • Human Concern International: Provides immediate relief assistance to many poor and strife torn countries and to local causes in Canada. HCI’s development projects have helped communities become more self-sufficient and the emergency assistance provided has helped communities during dire need. They have provided financial assistance Health Care, Agriculture, Human Resources Development, Relief and Public Education.
  • Relief Works has campaign going on to raise 1 million dollars to support the 3 million refugees (80% are women and children), suffering from hunger and cold. They plan to support the project through the Edhi Foundation
  • PEARL – Project for Educational Advancement, Relief and Literacy in Afghanistan
  • AccessGta: Oragnization that helps Children with Special Needs and their families to overcome certain basic everyday challenges, and help connect them with available resources.

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